Tartan is back!

Anyone else remember the days when tartan was cool? 1999, I was six and rocking a pink and purple tartan style mini skirt, with a pink faux leather jacket and a scrunchie and god damn did I think I was cool.

But tartan came and soon went out of fashion again and was totally out of the question for anyone trying to be ‘cool’. My school skirt in fact, happened to be a tartan kilt. No, not a skirt. A kilt. A piece of material which wrapped around your body and fastened with a buckle. Old school. I had to wear this until I was sixteen! This for me only cemented the idea that tartan was never making a come back.

Yet here we are, four years after my kilt wearing days and tartan is gracing the pages of January 2014 Vogue! If you’re feeling daring, Zara have some incredible fitted tartan trousers this season, or if you’re more of the subtle type, then head over to Urban Outfitters for a tartan scarf or some mittens.

The trend is set to continue from Winter 2013 through to Spring 2014 so jump on the bandwagon, and who knows, maybe this time, tartan is here to stay!



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