Coming home from Uni after first term.

The first term is definitely a crazy one, not for the faint hearted. The deadlines for most seem to be in the far distance and all there seems to be able to do is go out.. and be hungover. So much so that washing and cleaning seem very low down on the to do list and most students end up living in what seems like a massive rubbish tip for the last few weeks of term.

It’s only when you arrive home home that you realise what a dump you’ve been living in. My house currently feels like a 7* hotel. I must have had 18 showers in the 4 days I’ve been home. The abundance of hot water, clean towels and expensive hair products is enough to send a girl crazy. Not to mention the amount of free M&S food- no more cup-a-soups for me! And did I mention the boiling water tap in my house- a cup of tea in seconds! A far cry from our £5 Asda uni kettle which spills everywhere when you pour it. And a constantly warm house, my bedroom feels like a sauna compared to my room at Uni, I’m so used to sleeping in hoodies wrapped in blankets, it’s now a weird sensation just to wear normal pyjamas and still be too hot!

Don’t get me wrong I adore Uni, our house and uni-life in general, and I live with such an awesome group of girls- safe to say we’ve made extensive use of every night out available! But my gosh it’s good to be home for a few luxuries, and a break from alcohol. Water has actually never tasted so good!

I’m sure in another weeks time I’ll be ready to go back to Uni, but for now, chilling out is just what the doctor ordered.

Have a fab Christmas everyone! 🙂



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