Monsters University

Anyone who knows me knows I have a slightly weird obsession with Monsters Inc! Not in a creepy, weirdo type of way. In the sense that I adore the film, and Ice Age, A Bug’s Life etc. But mainly Monsters Inc. I have a cuddly toy version of the famous Mike Wazowski, that the hockey girls and I often take on trips out (mainly to the pub).

Anyway, you can imagine my hysterical (pathetic) excitement when Monsters University set a release date and I was counting down the days until I could go and see it at the cinema!

I then received a phone call from my manager, excited down the phone, asking if I would like to work the premier of Monsters University in Nottingham, trying not to scream down the phone, I of course, accepted.

I have never really understood celebrity crazes, obsessions with boy bands and have never been a ‘fan-girl’, but… this was it. I was about to meet the REAL Mike Wazowski! And Sully of course. My friend Dan and I queued up to meet them (surrounded by young children, definitely the oldest people in the queue). I was nervous, excited, apprehensive and ridiculously ecstatic about the whole thing. As I stood waiting for a picture I was biting my nails, nervous, childlike, as if I were about to meet the Queen.

And flash, before I knew it, it was all over, pictures were taken hugs were given, although I must say I was rather heart-broken Mike didn’t personally speak to me! However, I understand he is a busy monster!

Some people will think I’m ridiculous and immature but it’s so easy to get lost in this world and if we can’t appreciate a simple Disney film, then quite frankly, what is the point. And to my Mum and Dad, or any other concerned adults who may be reading this, yes I am responsible to live on my own and be at Uni. Having a love for Monsters Inc is just one of life’s little luxuries!



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