Meeting the wonderful Rylan Clark

Capital FM were doing an event in Nottingham called “Dino & Pete’s Sing Off” which was to be hosted by Rylan Clark. To promote the event, being part of the Street Stars team we were made to carry around a LIFE SIZE (very tall!) cardboard cut-out of the man himself.

I have always been a fan of Rylan, from day one when he was on Katie Price’s show, my sisters and I would howl with laughter at his sense of humour and hilarious one-liners. However, I must say after nearly 3 weeks of taking ‘Rylan’ everywhere we went lets just say I was looking forward to not carrying him around anymore.

They always say you should never meet your idol, and although Rylan is not my idol, he is however, someone that I admire and I was apprehensive to meet him.

But the “Sing Off” came along, and I was not disappointed! Rylan was such a lovely guy with an awesome sense of humour, I half expected some diva-ish behaviour but there was none in sight! In fact backstage, to my surprise Rylan was eating McDonalds and happily joking with the crowd afterwards saying he had chips stuck in his new veneers!

Rylan was happy to pose with the crew for pictures and I think I even referred to myself as his “sister from another mister”, which he lightly brushed off, embarrassing I know!

But the point still stands, Rylan was a fantastic guy and really does deserve all the success he gets!



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