My Admiration for Cat Deeley

I have always been into the idea of TV and Radio presenting, but never could see it as a career. Although I was only five years-old at the time, I remember watching ‘SMTV Live’ with Ant & Dec and Cat Deeley. I absolutely loved the show and even at such a young age I really looked up to Cat. That image of Saturday mornings in my early childhood has stuck with me for a long time. The show finished, and as my childhood bounded on, the next time I properly remember seeing Cat on TV was on ‘Stars in Their Eyes’. Everybody loved ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ right?

As I have grown up and started a degree in Broadcast Journalism I have gained more and more admiration for Cat. She was actually born and grew up very close to where I was born and where I grew up, so there’s something sentimental in the way I look up to her.

I recently watched a video from when Cat was nineteen (my age now) and her Birmingham accent is far stronger than mine. Despite my insecurities about my own voice, hearing hers at my age was quite a reassuring excercise. Maybe I can shift some of the Birmingham ‘twang’ words that I sometimes say!

After all, Cat Deeley now has an amazing voice, really easy to listen to, not to mention she is the main presenter on America’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ earning a reported over $60 thousand per episode! So life isn’t all that bad for us Brummies!

So Cat, I salute you! x


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