Valentines Day

So it’s that day again. The dreaded day for singletons. Valentines Day.
The Drake ‘Take Care’ album has been on replay for a good four hours, making me feel slightly less lonely as I watch all of my loved up flat mates opening cards and roses. Who needs roses when you have Drake huh?

As the only single flat mate, to some Valentines day might be a sensitive topic. But at least I could rely on a card from my Dad.. or could I? As one of three sisters, my Dad used to give us all cards and flowers on such a day. However, no post for me this morning at uni, is this what happens when you’re single and you grow up?! Just to rub salt into the wound, my twelve year old sister posts a gorgeous bunch of pink roses from my Dad on Instagram. Growing up is not fun.

I decided to spoil myself on this day of love, I spent a full £1.19 on a Diet Coke from the newsagents, no not the usual student Tesco’s own 17p Litre bottle of ‘Diet Cola’, nope, the real deal: Diet Coke.

As I drowned my sorrows with my perfectly fizzy Diet Coke, I started to think, what is Valentines Day really about?

For girls my age, it’s a chance for good boyfriends to be even better, for rubbish boyfriends to prove they do care, and for singletons to go out and get ridiculously drunk or have a ‘girlie meal’ to prove their dedication to ‘womanhood’ and ‘single-life’.

I am a romantic person and the idea of a boyfriend for Valentines day does seem nice; but then reality hit me and I realised that if I had a boyfriend for Valentines day, I would also have to have him for other, normal days too. The words Fifa, sandwich, beer and farting all come to mind. As opposed to roses, cards and chocolate.

So apologies to all you loved up couples out there, but for me personally, I’m happy with my Diet Coke and Drake; because tomorrow for all of you it will be back to Fifa, sandwiches, beer and farting… enjoy!

Happy Valentines Day<3





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