The Paralympics

At the end of August I was lucky enough to go to the Olympic Stadium in East London to watch the Opening Ceremony of the

Paralympic Games. I have to say it is one of the most spectacular events I have ever been to.Image

In a traditionally British way, there were some bizarre moments, however, this only added to the aura of the evening. Being an overly patriotic person, I absolutely loved all the British connotations throughout the evening.

Stephen Hawking played a large role in the ceremony with many of the voice over pieces done by him, he was truly inspirational, saying: “There is no such thing as a standard or run of the mill human being, no matter what, we share the ability to be creative and there should be no boundary to human endeavor”.

The ceremony as a whole was very moving and I was constantly in awe of all the production, graphics and presenters, not to mention the athletes! It was a summer of sport with the fantastic Olympics and Paralympics lighting up London.Image

It really felt like this was the year to change sport forever, especially with the Paralympics returning back to the UK where is was originally created at the Stoke Mandaville Hospital.

I for one thoroughly enjoyed every moment of both the Olympics and the Paralympics and having the amazing experience of visiting the stadium is something I will never forget!



(Georgia Adderley Photography)


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