My Passion for Journalism

I am a very passionate person, and in particular about journalism. I was originally going to study Fashion Journalism at University, fashion being something which I have always been drawn to and interested in. However, I am also interested in Broadcasting and in particular Broadcast Journalism, hence why I decided this was the course for me. Although I am an ‘arty’ person and did study two arts at A-Level, along with paying a lot of attention to my wardrobe, I am a broad-minded person and have lots of interests and hobbies and felt that to focus on fashion just wasnt the right path for me. I am a bubbly, chatty person by nature and have become evermore passionate about presenting and the media. Whether it be getting the latest scoop on celeb gossip, interviewing up and coming artists, or debating politics, I am interested in such a range of topics that the prospect of becoming a broadcast journalist excites me. I have been working for a great online radio station ( and have had a fab time doing so. I have also been interviewing up and coming talent ranging from​ entrepreneurs to musicians and anything in between! So if you’ve got talent or you know somebody who has, get at me in the ‘Contact’ section on for some exposure or an interview!



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