Cara Delevinge for Mulberry

Not many celebs have managed it. Alexa Chung only managed to have one Mulberry handbag named after her, but young British supermodel Cara Delevinge has  a whole range of bags in collaboration with Mulberry. How do you know when you’re mega-famous? You get an entire range of fancy leather bags named after you.

It-girl Cara unveiled the new collection of Mulberry bags  ‘The Cara Delevingne Collection” during London Fashion Week.

The collaboration with the British heritage label features three sizes of bag in three different finishes, there’s also a limited edition bag inspired by Cara’s lion finger tattoo. It doesn’t get any cooler than that really.

Cara posted this photo of two of her Mulberry Bags on her Instagram account earlier this week.



(Photo: Instagram: @caradelevinge)


(Photo: Mulberry)



Kendall Jenner walks at the Giles show at LFW 2014

London Fashion week seems to have flown by in an instant, but there are a few key moments that have stood out for me. The Giles show in particular was one of my favourites this year. My excitement was heightened when I saw that Kendall Jenner was walking in the show. I am a self-confessed Kardashian fan and after seeing her Marc Jacobs appearance in New York, I was looking forward to seeing her strut her stuff once again. This was the first time I had seen her as a model rather than a reality TV star. Kendall seemed to blend straight in with the other models, even making some friends in high places in the form of Cara Delevinge and Jourdan Dunn. Jourdan uploaded this picture of the trio pulling “crazy faces” behind the scenes.


(Photo: Instagram: @Officialjdunn)


Beyonce- Queen of Pop

No marketing, no promotions, no advertising, yet her album managed to sell out in 110 countries! BOOM. Queen B dropped an album over night like it was nothing. Not only has she released 14 songs, she has unveiled 17 new music videos to accompany the tracks. The video for ‘Haunted’ features model of the year Cara Delevingne with some provocative, edgy scenes. With this self titled album, Beyoncé has cemented to the world that she is the rightful Queen of pop. The music industry has been moved by Bey releasing an album in this way, she says:, “I didn’t want to release my music the way I’ve done it. “I am bored with that. I feel like I am able to speak directly to my fans.”  


Check out the video to ‘Drunk In Love’ here:

Tartan is back!

Anyone else remember the days when tartan was cool? 1999, I was six and rocking a pink and purple tartan style mini skirt, with a pink faux leather jacket and a scrunchie and god damn did I think I was cool.

But tartan came and soon went out of fashion again and was totally out of the question for anyone trying to be ‘cool’. My school skirt in fact, happened to be a tartan kilt. No, not a skirt. A kilt. A piece of material which wrapped around your body and fastened with a buckle. Old school. I had to wear this until I was sixteen! This for me only cemented the idea that tartan was never making a come back.

Yet here we are, four years after my kilt wearing days and tartan is gracing the pages of January 2014 Vogue! If you’re feeling daring, Zara have some incredible fitted tartan trousers this season, or if you’re more of the subtle type, then head over to Urban Outfitters for a tartan scarf or some mittens.

The trend is set to continue from Winter 2013 through to Spring 2014 so jump on the bandwagon, and who knows, maybe this time, tartan is here to stay!


My everyday battle with Type 1 Diabetes

When you hear the word ‘Diabetes’ a lot of people think: fat, too much chocolate etc. But that is such a misconstrued idea of the disease. Firstly, there’s two types of Diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 2 is generally caused by being unhealthy/obese or can come with old age. This can be treated with exercise, healthy eating and tablets- I don’t have this.

Type 1 Diabetes is something which can come on at any time, it’s where one of your organs: the pancreas, fails and no longer produces a hormone called insulin. In simple terms, insulin is used by the body to break down your food and allow energy to get to your cells.

My pancreas no longer makes insulin for my body, meaning I have to give insulin through injections any time I eat something with carbs in, the insulin counteracts the food. This is crucial to keep me alive and  to make sure my body functions properly. For the record there is carbs in pretty much EVERYTHING.. A small apple=10g of carbs!

It is a dangerous disease because if my body has too much insulin, my blood sugar will go down and I’m at risk of going into a coma, and if there’s too little insulin, my blood sugar will go up and I would again be at high risk of going into a coma.

This means I’m supposed to do six blood tests and effectively three or more injections per day. But in reality, being at uni, this doesn’t happen.

I have had complications due to my Diabetes and seem to spend most of my life in and out of doctors and hospitals. Some people closest to me already know what I have to deal with however, not everybody does and it’s not something you automatically say when you introduce yourself to somebody. I’ve always hidden the fact that I have Diabetes however, I want people to know it’s okay to talk about any illnesses or even problems you may have. And although living with this disease freaking sucks, I have so many things to be thankful for.

I’m always inviting and including everyone in everything, some people don’t know why I bother with so many different people from different groups, when half of them probably wouldn’t return the favour. I always say hello, make an effort, text, smile even. I’m forever trying to organise big groups of people to get together and go out. This is because in my old 20-year-old age, I’ve learnt that life is precious and I’m this way simply because you never know what’s around the corner. Carpe diem- seize the day.


Coming home from Uni after first term.

The first term is definitely a crazy one, not for the faint hearted. The deadlines for most seem to be in the far distance and all there seems to be able to do is go out.. and be hungover. So much so that washing and cleaning seem very low down on the to do list and most students end up living in what seems like a massive rubbish tip for the last few weeks of term.

It’s only when you arrive home home that you realise what a dump you’ve been living in. My house currently feels like a 7* hotel. I must have had 18 showers in the 4 days I’ve been home. The abundance of hot water, clean towels and expensive hair products is enough to send a girl crazy. Not to mention the amount of free M&S food- no more cup-a-soups for me! And did I mention the boiling water tap in my house- a cup of tea in seconds! A far cry from our £5 Asda uni kettle which spills everywhere when you pour it. And a constantly warm house, my bedroom feels like a sauna compared to my room at Uni, I’m so used to sleeping in hoodies wrapped in blankets, it’s now a weird sensation just to wear normal pyjamas and still be too hot!

Don’t get me wrong I adore Uni, our house and uni-life in general, and I live with such an awesome group of girls- safe to say we’ve made extensive use of every night out available! But my gosh it’s good to be home for a few luxuries, and a break from alcohol. Water has actually never tasted so good!

I’m sure in another weeks time I’ll be ready to go back to Uni, but for now, chilling out is just what the doctor ordered.

Have a fab Christmas everyone! 🙂


One piece of advice for Uni- Join a Society!

As I reflect and reminisce on my first year of University I’m laughing at some of the ridiculous things I’ve done, most of these thanks to a certain society. Being the eldest sibling, cousin, general family member to go to Uni I hadn’t had any tips of what to do and what NOT to do at Uni.. But for me personally, if I were to give one piece of advice to anyone starting Uni, it would be to join a society. Preferably a sports society, but in general any one will do!

Theres definitely a society for everyone, from Hockey to Hip-Hop dance, Knitting to Archery, Uni Radio to Water Polo, the list is endless. Initially, joining a society may be daunting, however, this will single handedly be the best thing you will ever do in your Uni years. Not only is it a great way to make friends, it keeps you social, active, and stops you sitting in your room all day eating Pot-Noodles and watching 4od.

At Nottingham Trent, Ocean is the place to go on a Wednesday and each society has a bar crawl leading up to Ocean. Needless to say it can get very messy. With a different fancy dress every week from pigs to pirates, Avatars to babies, Fresh Prince to Monsters Inc.. hilarious chaos would be a good way of describing an Ocean Wednesday! And as most Trent students (including myself) hang their heads in shame on a Thursday morning, after learning last nights behaviour, we still come back for more every week!

But aside from the partying and socialising, joining a society could be where you make your closest friends. Having moved away from home for the first time, Uni can be a lonely place for some people. In my personal experience I have made some of my closest friends through Trent Hockey. They’ve carried me home, made me dinners, called interventions, told me off, hugged me, payed for my Dominoes, forced me to watch endless chick flicks and Downton Abbey episodes, leant me a kitchen table to sleep on, oh and there was that time I got hit in the face whilst dressed as a pig. But joking aside I’ve met some bloody awesome people who I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of embarrassing myself with if I hadn’t joined a society!